44 Fabulous Simple Bun Hairstyles Ideas For Long Hair

Women admire long hair on other women but rarely their own hair regrowth. We live in a fast-paced world and it’s not something a woman has time to take care of her own worries in a hurry. With a little Innovation and creativity, however, you can come up with really elegant hairstyles that take no more than five minutes of your time.

The beauty of long hair is that you can easily be styled and you can try a different hairstyle every day. It will give you an unpredictable feeling every morning when you show up at work and dress your hair differently.

The Chignon is the favourite of many career women, as it is quite easy to stack hair on the head and leave a few tendrils that frame the face charmingly. There are so many simple and different ways to dress your hair that you can wear a different Chignon every day. All you need are a dozen hairpins, Clips, hairbands and other accessories that fit your Outfit and even your mood.

The easiest is an uncomplicated knot in the neck with a noble needle. You might want to curl the bun a little bit to make it look airy. Always let a few streaks of the knot and around the face scatter to make it look less severe. If you want to try something different, choose a pair of hair strands from both sides and attach them to the back with a simple elastic band. Hold the elastic band and turn the hair over and over until both strands of hair look like two braids from both sides. Then wrap the rest of the hair so that it is just above the neck.

You can also try to leave the hair and still maintain a refined Look. Divide your hair on one side and weave a small part of the hair from one side to the other and hold it firmly with a hairpin and the Rest of the hair. You can try your hair, to give it a unique color. For naturally blond hair red highlights look great, and on dark brown hair blonde highlights look great.

Another very neat style, which is a little more time-consuming, but can be done with some exercise within 5 minutes, is a French braid. If you have a Pony or just a few short strands to frame your face, this hairstyle will look great. A normal braid divides the hair into three sections, while in a French braid you start with two sections and gradually add hair to get a very decent braid. Secure it with a stylish Clip or Band and frizz out the Ends to give it a sassy Look.

The next time you think about growing your hair, don’t hesitate! With long hair you can start a lot and you could turn into the woman you admired not so long ago!

Betsy Carmen

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